London Venture Partners

LVP is a venture capital seed fund operating only in the games sector, and only ever invest in the games ecosystem.

Funds Raised ~$140m:

In 2014, LVP has announced its final closing of the 1st fund of $8m;
In 2016, LVP has filed SEC Form D with the 2nd fund target amount of $50m;
In 2019, LVP has announced has raised a 3rd investment fund of $80m to invest in a new generation of game industry startups.

Fund’s contacts:

David Gardner — General Partner & Co-Founder, over 30 years of experience in the gaming sector. Previously worked at Electronic Arts Europe;
David Lau-Kee — General Partner & Co-Founder, over 25 years of experience in the gaming sector. Previously, the founder, President & CEO at Criterion Software Group;
Are Mack Growen — General Partner & VP of Product Portfolio, for over 12 years has worked in GM and VP roles to build game studios in Asia and the west, at Playfish, EA.

Recent Investments

London Venture Partners
London Venture Partners

General Information:


Primary office: London, United Kingdom

Year founded: 2010

Team: 6 members

Investment Focus: 

Stage: Early-stage (pre-seed, seed)

Check size: from $1m to $2m

Geography: Worldwide with focus on North America & Europe

Industry: PC / mobile games, entertainment platforms