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Capturing Reality Joins Epic Games

WRITTEN BY | 11 Mar 2021
Capturing Reality Joins Epic Games
15 NOV 2020
Epic Games Has Invested In SideFX

💵 Acquisition

  • Epic Games has announced a purchase of a Slovakia-based photogrammetry software developer Capturing Reality for an undisclosed sum

  • Epic plans to integrate Capturing Reality’s photogrammetry software into the Unreal Engine ecosystem. Nonetheless, the company will continue to work with established partners beyond videogames industry that do not use Unreal Engine

  • Joining Epic Games, Capturing Reality has lowered its pricing and licensing plans for both new and existing customers

💠 Strategic Rationale

  • Epic Games seeks for new technologies to incorporate into Unreal Engine and the game development industry as a whole

    • The company has previously acquired Quixel, the world’s largest photogrammetry asset library, a digital facial animation firm Hypersense, RAD Game Tools, a videogame middleware solutions company, and 3Lateral, known for developing tools to create photo-realistic 3D human body models

  • Amassing a team of experts, Capturing Reality is considered the market leader in its niche. According to Quixel at Epic Games Senior Director, “since its inception” the company’s product “has been integral to the creation of Quixel Megascans”, acquired by Epic Games earlier

🎲 Products

  • Capturing Reality produces photogrammetry software that allows users to translate photographed objects and laser scans into digitized 3D models

  • This technology is used in gaming, the visual effects industry, engineering, medicine, cultural heritage preservation, and more. Among the company’s clients are National Geographic, UNESCO, museums across the world, designers and game developers

💸 Epic Games’ Previous Acquisitions

  • In March 2021 the Tonic Games Group, the parent company of a video game studio Mediatonic, was acquired by Epic for an unknown fee. Mediatonic is known as the creator of Fall Guys

  • In January 2021, Epic Games has acquired the technology and business of RAD Game Tools, a video game utility software development company

  • In November 2020, Epic has bought facial animation firm Hyprsense for an unknown sum

  • In 2018, Epic Games has acquired Edinburgh-based cloud processing tech provider Cloudgine  for an undisclosed fee

  • In September 2020, Epic has purchased SuperAwesome, a “kid tech” company that builds programs to promote child-safe games, with the aim to create a range of “kid-safe” services. The terms of the deal are  unspecified

  • Cubic Motion, a studio that produces advanced interactive facial animations for both films and video games, was purchased by the company in March 2020

  • Epic has purchased Quixel, the world’s biggest photogrammetry asset collection, in November 2019, for an unrevealed sum

  • In June 2019, the group video chat app Houseparty has been acquired by Epic Games at unknown terms

  • Also May 2019, the company announced the acquisition of visualization tool Twinmotion for an unstated amount

  • In May 2019 Epic Games has bought its long-term partner company, Psyonix, the developer of Rocket League for an unrevealed fee

  • In January 2019 Epic Games has also acquired Canada-based scripting tool maker Agog Labs (now SkookumScript) for an unknown price, incorporating its possibilities into Unreal Engine 4

  • In January 2019, Epic Games has bought 3Lateral, a Serbia-based developer of “digital humans” technology, allowing realistic animation and modeling of human characters, at unrevealed term

  • Also in 2018, Epic Games has acquired Helsinki-based anti-cheat firm Kamu, specializing in security and player management for an unspecified sum


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💵 Acquisition Epic Games has announced a purchase of a Slovakia-based photogrammetry software developer Capturing Reality for an ...
Capturing Reality
  • Established in 2013

  • Headquarters —  Bratislava, Slovakia

  • Founded by —  Martin Bujnak (CEO), Michal Jancosek

  • Photogrammetry software solution developer