28 Aug — 3 Sep / 2023

Weekly News Digest #35


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Hi all,

Last week has been relatively modest in terms of investment and M&A activity, which is why it’s been quite a while since we featured a proper analysis. As always, you can learn about the previous week’s deals in the “Notable Transactions” section below.

Meanwhile, be sure to check our latest Global Gaming Deals Activity Report for H1’23, in case you missed it.

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US-based AI-powered gaming tech company NPCx has raised $3m in a Seed funding round led by Kakao Ventures. The round will empower NPCx to refine TrackerX, a motion capture processing tool that simplifies data integration into character skeletons. Additionally, NPCx aims to develop BehaviorX, a technology leveraging player data for lifelike NPC behavior, along with RetargetX and AIMX to enhance character movements. Before this round, NPCx raised over $0.5m through crowdfunding.

US-based games developer Jam & Tea Studios has raised $2.65m in a funding round, according to the SEC filing. The company was founded in 2023 and is currently developing its first title, a multiplayer PvE game with a strong emphasis on social interaction.

UK-based gaming tech company Martian Lawyers Club (MLC) has raised $2.2m in a Pre-Seed funding round led by Fly Ventures, with participation from System.OneDhyan Ventures, and other investors. The company aims to use generative AI to personalize gameplay for every player. MLC plans to provide an SDK to enable developers to design personalized game interactions and streamline the development process.

Turkey-based multiplayer games developer One Percent has raised an undisclosed sum in a Pre-Seed funding round at a valuation of $2.5m, led by WePlay Ventures and Startgate. The company is currently developing its first game, an eponymous AAA third-person shooter One Percent, which is planned to be released in 2024. Apart from that, One Percent develops modes for Fortnite, using Unreal Editor within the game. In Mar’23, Epic Games announced Creators Economy 2.0, which significantly improves the payment system for developers of custom experiences within Fortnite.