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Donut Lab Has Raised $1.6

WRITTEN BY | 09 Oct 2020
Donut Lab Has Raised $1.6

💵 Funding

  • San Francisco-based mobile video game developer Donut Lab has raised $1.6m in a funding round led by Luxembourg-based investment firm Level Up

  • The funds will be spent on finishing the production of their first game and preparing for a global launch

💵 Previous Rounds

  • In 2018, the founders of Donut Lab raised money from Wargaming, Braavo Ventures, and Starta Ventures to lay the cornerstone of the company

🎲  Product

  • Donut Lab is working on a free-to-play mobile-based multiplayer shooter Kids vs Zombies

  • The developers aim at attracting adults, stating that “this game is for those who want to feel like kids again”

  • The gameplay is based on killing zombies and upgrading your character, buying weapons and equipment with the in-game currency “donut”

  • Gamers can fight each other as well in player-vs-player battles

  • Kids vs Zombies currently supports only 4 players at once, but that number will be increased in future

  • The product is available in early access only on Google Play, but there is no doubt the iOS version will not take long to occur


Donut Lab
  • Established in 2018

  • Headquarters — San Francisco, United States; main department — St. Petersburg, Russia

  • Team of 20+ people

  • Founded by Tim Raiter, Vitaliy Urban and Andrei “Gordei” Gordeev

  • Free-to-play mobile game developer