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Global Gaming Deals Activity Report Q1 2022

WRITTEN BY | 10 May 2022
Global Gaming Deals Activity Report Q1 2022

InvestGame team is proud to share with you our Global Gaming Deals Activity Report Q1’22.

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While the year of 2021 ended up smashing pretty much all the conceivable records in the Video Games industry, with the total value for both closed and announced transactions reaching a new record of $80.4B across 967 deals, Q1’22 proved that Video Games can prosper even further as an industry: the total value of both closed and announced deals for the period achieved the jaw-dropping amount of $100.3B (throughout 269 deals), already beating the full deal value of FY’21!

Of course, the lion’s share of this record belongs to the sensational $68.7B Microsoft-Activision acquisition (which has yet to be approved), but either way, 2022 promises to be yet another exciting year for the industry — even despite some warning signs ahead.

  • M&A deals reached almost the same results as in Q1’21 in terms of the deal count (81 closed deals), while the deal value saw a notable decrease of 23% YoY ($11.4B);
  • We saw a devastating Public Offerings YoY decrease, with only 7 deals of $0.5B total value throughout Q1’22, against 38 deals of $8.7B back in Q1’21;
  • Private Investments started off with a robust first quarter, with 174 deals of $3.2B total value; this represents the 36% growth YoY in the deal value (vs. $2.4B in Q1’21), and 19% growth YoY in the deal count (vs. 146 in Q1’21). Blockchain gaming now dominates the Private Investment category, with 3 out of 5 top deals being related to the segment;
  • Blockchain-powered gaming again shows highly impressive YoY growth metrics: the total number of deals was up 11x YoY, while the total deal value was even stronger at 19.4x YoY ($1.6B vs. $83m); one of the many signs of dominance was that 50% of all Private Investments deal value deployed in Q1’22 have been associated with Blockchain.