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Global Gaming Deals Report Q1’24

WRITTEN BY | 23 Apr 2024
Global Gaming Deals Report Q1’24

The InvestGame team is pleased to release the Q1’24 Global Gaming Deals Report, offering insights into the gaming industry’s current market dynamics.

Despite minimal growth, significant layoffs, and volatile stock prices, seed investment remains stable, showcasing resilience amidst market volatility. Series A and subsequent rounds have declined, with a notable shift in investor focus from mobile to PC and console platforms.

Equity market challenges persist with high-interest rates and a lack of significant gaming IPOs since mid-2022, affecting late-stage investments and limiting exit options.

Meanwhile, major public entities focus on share buybacks and are not rushing to make large M&As, with many announcing layoffs and restructuring businesses. Midcap M&A will likely grow amid present investor-friendly terms, PE’s increased interest in the space, and improvement in gaming stocks throughout the year.

We anticipate a potential stabilization in dealmaking activity, which may exceed pre-pandemic levels. This report highlights a period of strategic recalibration, focusing on capital efficiency and sustainable growth amidst ongoing economic pressures.


We would love to thank our dear friends at MY.GAMES and Taylor Wessing for supporting this Report. Please note that this support did not affect the integrity or fairness of the data and analysis.

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