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Product Overview: Daedalic, Midgar, Tripledot and NanoTribe

WRITTEN BY | 23 Feb 2022
Product Overview: Daedalic, Midgar, Tripledot and NanoTribe

7th & 8th Weekly Digest has brought us new M&A deals from Germany, France, and Venture Rounds from the UK.

Let’s look at some of the biggest products from the perspective of core & meta gameplay, and monetization mechanics.

Daedalic Entertainment, Midgar Studio (PC&Console games)

Germany-based gaming company Daedalic Entertainment ($118M total sales since  June 2012) has been known for its stealth strategy game Shadow Tactics, and its current revenue driver – Baroturama (>$11M total sales since June 2019) – a submarine horror simulator.

  • Core gameplay is 2D multiplayer action survival where players play together in a dark undersea submarine setting.
    Players should fight the monsters, fix the submarine leaks to stay alive. They open the submarine room by room to finish the game.
  • Meta gameplay includes management of your team by orders, and items craft. Players can craft health boosters, guns, and equipment to level up their characters.
  • Monetization is based on a paid model where the price is $29.99.
    Players also can buy a DLC which is named ‘Supporter Pack’ and includes HD wallpapers, soundtrack, and the narrative-based newspaper.

Daedalic Entertainment


France-based gaming company Midgar Studio ($2.5M total sales since June 2017) has its main revenue driver – Edge Of Eternity (>$1M total sales since June 2021) – a turn-based strategy in a fantasy setting.

  • Core gameplay is a single-player JRPG (Japanese Role-Playing Game) where players have a deep narrative, cross-characters relationships, open-world exploration quests, and turn-based battles.
    Players solve quests and win combats to progress in a narrative.
  •  Monetization is based on a paid model where the price is $29.99.

Midgar Studio

Tripledot, NanoTribe (Mobile games)

UK-based mobile game developer Tripledot (>83M downloads revenue since December 2017) has a portfolio of casual board games with 51% of the audience coming from the US and the UK.

Their current revenue driver is “Woodoku” (>53M downloads since March 2020) – a casual puzzle game with 48% of the audience coming from the US, and the UK.

  • Core gameplay is a Tetris-like block puzzle on a 9×9 wooden sudoku-like board.
    Players should fill out as many block figures as they can until they run out of space (=moves).
  • Monetization is based on banners ads on the top of the board, and interstitial ads after each game. 


Germany-based mobile developer NanoTribe (>100M downloads since 2019) has been known for their hypercasual games for Rollic Games Publisher. 

Their main revenue driver is Arrow Fest (>56M downloads since August 2020) – a hypercasual scroller arcade.

  • Core gameplay is a third-person scroller arcade in an arrow shooting setting.
    Players launch an arrow which they multiply or lose by going through the bonus gates. The more arrows they got at the end of the level – the higher score they get. Score points give the soft currency reward ‘coins’
  •  Meta gameplay is rounded by buying boosters before the level starts using coins.
    Players can buy
  • Monetization is based on interstitial ads between levels and rewarded ads. Players can watch rewarded video ads to increase the coins reward, or buy one of two boosters: the number of arrows and coins on the level. They can also turn off all the ads by buying ‘no ads’ for $2-microtransaction.

Written by Artur Davydenko,

Venture Partner at Flyer One Ventures, CRO at HoneyLab